Travel the world and never forget who you are. #BlackBeerTraveler

About Us

To be a #BlackBeerTraveler

Welcome to being a Black Beer Traveler. A place where you will experience the diversity throughout craft beer, craft cocktails and adventure.

We like to say and live by the mantra, "Diversify Your Palate". Do and enjoy something different.

Here, diversity will be showcased through the bridging cultures. The goal is to expand the palate of those that cross the path of a #BlackBeerTraveler.

How deep one is in the craft game does not matter. It's about the adventure you have getting to your next level.

With each post, expect to see the individuals and groups of people adventuring where they live and where they explore. Expect to be surprised, informed and challenged. Black Beer Travelers are everywhere and ready to include you in their experiences.

This is the other side of craft. This is the lifestyle of a Black Beer Traveler. How have you diversified your palate today?

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